The marriage between Bartolomeo Tagliavia Baron of S.Bartolomeo and Beatrice Termine gives birth to the Feud of Barony Tagliavia, that merged to the neighbouring lands protracted in the Sciacca region, in the Southwest coast of Sicily. At the time, the Feud was also known as Feudo "Vaccaria” ("Cows Feud") for its cattle breeding activities throughout its 500 ha.


It is thanks to a picturesque cavern hidden in the surrounding hills if the Family tradition endured: the local legend states of a storm hitting Baron Bartolomeo while horse riding in his property. Ultimately he finds an unexpected shelter in a neolitic cavern which can still be visited today. Since then, this area is named "la Grotta del Barone".


Another wedding, this time between Marchioness Lina Tagliavia and Baron Gaetano Martinez brings us to today’s Martinez Tagliavia family heritage. Gaetano’s particular drive for agriculture led to the first radical changes to the lands; by eradicating part of the characteristic Mediterranean dwarf palms, he started cultivating the soil with several ranges of cereals as well as cotton to implement the three-field system.


Finally comes our first olive tree field, a 10ha area thanks to Baron Nino, who inherited the passion for agriculture. He was also known to be the first winemaker in the region, introducing 50 ha of classic Sicilian cultivars "Catarratto" and "Nero d'Avola", to then turn to the trendier French wines Cabernet and Syrah.


The property counts nowadays around 120 ha following the government land reform in the 1950s and 60s, jointly with the inevitable heritage fragmentation. Our Family retains more than ever its emotional connection with the Territory, looking to the future to carry on with the reconversion process of the lands, in full respect of the traditional savoir-faire and of the care of the environment. To get to know more about the Family roots, visit our blason website.